Pricing and Packages

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Pricing

BCST is a modality that, like most therapy models, works best if committed to over a longer period of time. Single sessions are deeply helpful; multiple sessions can truly transform us. That said, I encourage clients to see how the first session feels during and after, and then have a conversation about a longer-term commitment. I view healing work as a process of teaching the body and nervous system a “new normal.” This requires repeated, gentle shifts out of our current muscle patterns and nervous system wiring. Many clients see me twice a month at the beginning – after a time they move to seeing me once a month or every other, which means spending $80-100 monthly; a reasonable amount considering how helpful the work can be. Each body and treatment is different and, but I am confident that after you feel the benefits of BCST you’ll be amazed!

Single Session (60-75 minutes) – $100

5 Sessions (60-75 minutes) – $400

Tranformational Session (3 hours) – $200

Sometimes clients are ready to go into a deeper healing journey which I call a Transformational Session. These will involve sitting in chairs while tracking body sensations and emotions to potential root causes, BCST on a table and a time travel meditation to re-pattern old memories and experiences. These sessions may produce shifts in areas around the amygdala and help clients to free up their life energy for more productive and supportive activities.

Private Yoga, Qi Gong and Somatic Meditation Instruction

Single Session (60 minutes) – $90

5 Sessions (60 minutes each) – $360

Embodiment Coaching

In addition to BCST I offer lifestyle transformation work called Embodiment Coaching, available in, 6, 9 or 12 month packages. This work combines BCST, somatic meditation instruction, dietary support and an accountability system that can facilitate radical healing and deep, long-lasting health. I situate the personal healing journey within the larger context of cultural and social justice, to whatever degree a client is interested, so that there can be a deeper sense of understanding trauma on the collective and personal levels and an increased sense of belonging in the world.

Over time, Embodiment Coaching can reawaken the neural connections in the body while freeing up the spinal cord, making it safe for clients to experience their body sensations, emotions and energy. It can inspire clients to connect more with social issues, to heal old wounds in their family relationships and to become better stewards of their time and energy. These plans are individually tailored to particular needs and goals, and have been shown to deeply improve people’s lives.

They require a serious commitment.

Do you feel ready to become your fullest self? Let’s dive in and work together in a deep way!


I am committed to making my work accessible and will always consider financial hardship by offering a sliding scale. Please ask for this if you require it.

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